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This area will be reserved for gathering and publishing Family Tree information.   We have a birthday child - Kelli Ann just turned two years old!  What a cutie pie!   




Of course we have plenty of kids in this family.  Send me a few pictures and I will post them.  Here are some I have in my archives.  Do you know all of  these kids?  You can get to know them all better at the Annual Family Reunion!  These are "thumbnails" that you can 'blow up' by clicking on them  (After viewing use your BACK BUTTON  to return to this page).

Brandon_Hopkins.jpg (54698 bytes)    02-08-03_Klein_Tommy.jpg (17649 bytes)    02-08-03_Pinizzotto-Phelps_Abigail.jpg (34610 bytes)    Melissa_at_1_yr_old.jpg (29698 bytes)    Faulkner_Elizabeth.jpg (30626 bytes)

Faulkner_Jordan.jpg (37886 bytes)    Klein_Jesse_8-2001.jpg (27327 bytes)    Phelps_Benjamin_Jared_-_Aug_2000.jpg (29420 bytes)    Megan_6-2002.jpg (15150 bytes)    74-07-15_Melissa_and_Joe_w_caption.jpg (88425 bytes)

02-09-13__Camdenpicb-ball.jpg (24418 bytes)    02-08-03_070.jpg (37478 bytes)    02-09-13_Camdenpic-2.jpg (14152 bytes)    02-08-03_064_baby.jpg (67898 bytes)       









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