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Melissa gave birth to Allison Louise at 4:22pm on Thursday, February 12, 2004.  Allison weighed 7lb-6oz and was 19.5 inches long.  Melissa went into the hospital at about 6am and things progressed well from there.  Kathleen and her mom got over there at about 10am.  Melissa and Allison came thru in great shape.  Both mom and baby are in good health and doing well. 


At the left is the first shot taken of Melissa holding Allison Louise.   Below are some more pictures.  Just click on the small thumbnail picture to enlarge it and when done looking at it use the Back button to return to this page.

I made it!

Presenting Allison Louise

I want my mommy!

Welcome to the Real World!

You did good girl!

My favorite shot

"Wow, she is beautiful!"

I did it!

Melissa reaching for Allison

Looking Good!

We waited outside the birthing room

It's a Girl!

I think I might try this again!

Mother and Daughter

Family shot


Proud Father

Kathleen with Melissa and Joe

All done!

Oma and Allison

Looking across 4 gnerations

Wake up Daddy & Mommy

Close Up

Spreading the News

Goo, Goo, Goo

It's official

Uncle Joe and Aunt Laura

Nice Birthing Room!

Daddy's Girl Delivers!

It's a beautiful day!

Ken and Kathleen admire Allison

Ken Allison and Dan

Love those Grandkids!

Four Generations!


Kathleen, Martha, Melissa and Allison

Or Oma and Allison

Now it's Miller Time!

Laura and Joe

Dan and Allison Louise

Daddy and Allison

The Family Shot

Tamera and Allison

Dan's mom and sister with Allison


Future round ball star

She's got hair!

Go Packers!

Packer fans

Kathleen, Martha, Jo Ann and Amy

She never Cries!

Oma and Alley

Steak and Lobster Please!

Ur Oma and Alley

I love my Ur Oma

Ur Oma and Alley

Allison Louise

I don't want to leave here!

Big Foot

Kathleen, Melissa and Alley

So beautiful! And she never cries!

She never Cries!

She never cries!

Visiting Oma and Pop Pop's House

Ughhhhh!!! Clothes!

Getting dressed at home





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