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Current Fare will feature notes, messages and other information as I receive it from friends and family.  I would like your updates and current events for posting here.  Birthdays, Anniversaries, and other similar milestones can be covered here.  A new tab, "Second Grade," shows Melissa's Second Grade Class.

Ice Fishing in Wisconsin

When you decide to live in Wisconsin, you make a choice and you understand that it gets cold up here in the winter time.  You then need to make another decision:  Do you hibernate inside the house all winter, scurrying from home to store and back, or do you get out and enjoy the winter climes?  I chose the latter.  Here are a few pictures from a recent Ice Fishing trip with Joe and Dan.  A mouse click on the thumbnail will enlarge it.  Just hit the return button to get back to this page.  Enjoy, . . .

Just a matter of time, . . .

Joe demonstrates the "Tip-Up"

Dan demonstrates use of the Auger

My Van Parked on the Lake

Big Cedar Lake

It don't get no better than this!

Father and Son

Joe and Dan are dressed and ready

Looking Good, But No Fish!

Dan and Joe on the ice

Big Cedar Lake Team-Ken, Dan and Joe



Good Bye Parties will be included here as well.  Here is the latest one.  We said goodbye to Jeff at Joe and Laura's, our gracious hosts:

  Below you will find almost 50 thumbnail shots that you can click on and enlarge.  Just use your Back button to get back to this page after viewing a full size picture.





Hoops by the light of the fire

Grand Kids are Great!

Best part of the party


"Goodbye Jeff"

Jeff and Tammy

Laura-the hostess of the party

Garage Social

Hoops Contender Tony

Megan ran herself out of gas-at last!

A Collage of Photos of Jeff



03-04-27_010_Liz_smells_flesh.jpg (153698 bytes)03-04-27_008_Lizard_w_caption.jpg (108377 bytes)    Always interested in different objects to photograph, I captured a couple of shots of these lizards that i thought might be fun to work with.  Click on them to enlarge to life size and let me know if you agree. 

The five thumbnails below are different shots of the new 50th Anniversary Z06 Corvette.  What a machine!



I knew it was going to be a good year when we celebrated with the family and the Dorgan's on New Year's Eve!





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