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    I am retired, to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that.  I signed my papers, received my pension and left the employment of Philip Morris on July 31st, 2001 -  a few days after my 55th birthday.  This must be distinctly understood or nothing wonderful can come of the stories I am going to relate on this site.

    Many years ago, when I was the Power Plant Manager for P&G's Baltimore Soap Plant I took my father-in-law for a tour of the Boiler House.  I was pretty excited as we were installing a new boiler and upgrading the 30 year old facility.  He had been a union man all his life and though he did not dislike his job, he certainly liked not being at work more than being there.  In any case, he made a comment that I will not ever forget.  He said, "Kenny, I envy you for the way you enjoy your work."  I had not thought about that much, but it was true.  I loved my work.  I have been very fortunate to have had great assignments that provided me with a tremendous amount of experience in diverse fields.  In short, I did love my jobs.

Now, I must admit, I worked for a couple of the greatest companies in the world with people to match.

Enough for now.  I must work on other areas of this site.  This forum will be developed later.  I would like to share my "Michaelchuck'isms" on this page, eventually.  At least that is what some of my folks called them.  Basically, M'ism's provide guidance for professional behavior.  They incorporate the concepts of integrity, dignity and respect.  An example might be, "If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't."  They are not original, as I learned them from others.  Well, this is a site under construction, so you will have to return often to see more.








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