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Captain Ken likes to read to the Second Grade Class at Congress Elementary.  Mrs. Spredemann has invited Captain Ken to read to her class about once a month.  Here are some pictures taken during a recent session:


Here are some photos of some great looking kids!  All were doing their best to make a funny face.  Captain Ken says, "They look Great!"

Great Funny Faces!

Best Funny Face

Super Funny Faces

Best Funny Face

Best funny face

We are happy!

Great looking funny faces!

Funny Faces

Close Up shot

More Funny Faces

Funny Faces



If you look below, there are pictures of the students.  These are "thumbnail" pictures, which means they can be enlarged if you put your cursor on the picture and click the left mouse button.  They will blow up to full size.  And there are 29 smart, good looking children here.  After viewing the enlarged picture, just hit the "Back" button to go back to this page:

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Below are some pictures taken in the classroom.

03-05-22_043_2nd_Grade.jpg (196985 bytes)        03-05-22_003_Class_Pic.jpg (174132 bytes)    03-05-22_004_Capt_Ken_Reads.jpg (170164 bytes)    03-05-22_006_Mrs_Spredemann_with_class.jpg (187579 bytes)    03-05-22_041_Bye_Captain_Ken.jpg (139234 bytes)   

03-05-22_042_Class_room_shot.jpg (200117 bytes)    03-05-22_044_Goodbye.jpg (238106 bytes)   

And here are some close up shots of each of the students who were in class when Captain Ken took their pictures.  These were "cropped" from the big photo's above.

03-05-22_007_c.jpg (11375 bytes)    03-05-22_009_c.jpg (26779 bytes)    03-05-22_010_c.jpg (26496 bytes)    03-05-22_011_c.jpg (24858 bytes)

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The End       


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