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Kathleen and I attended our first "Opening Day" ever on Friday, April 4th this year.  The Brewers played the San Francisco Giants.  Milwaukee lost, 7 to 5, but it was a fun day.  A brat and a Miller beer at the ball park never tastes better anywhere else.  As usual, Opening Day in Milwaukee was greeted with miserable weather.  The new Miller Park has a retractable roof, so now we really don't care about the weather.

03-04-04_002_MIller_Park-outside_shot_on_opening_day_2003.jpg (118084 bytes)    03-04-04_003_Dans_buddy_and_child.jpg (110008 bytes)    03-04-04_004_Kathleen_at_mural.jpg (146943 bytes)    03-04-04_005_Inside_Miller_Park.jpg (158026 bytes)    03-04-04_007_Inside_the_park.jpg (202268 bytes)

03-04-04_008_Scoreboard_at_Miller_Park.jpg (177555 bytes)    03-04-04_009_Kathleen_in_the_nosebleed_seats.jpg (208587 bytes)    03-04-04_011_Bernie_Brewers_dugout.jpg (139685 bytes)    03-04-04_012_Brewers_vs_Giants-Full_field_shot.jpg (194249 bytes)    03-04-04_022_Keeping_Score.jpg (96069 bytes)

Below is a sequence of shots I took as they opened the Miller Park roof after the game.

03-04-04_027_Inside_the_park.jpg (231306 bytes)    03-04-04_031_Roof_Opening_1.jpg (198327 bytes)    03-04-04_032_Roof_Opening_2.jpg (134669 bytes)    03-04-04_033_Roof_Opening_3.jpg (209219 bytes)    03-04-04_034_Roof_Opening_4.jpg (157215 bytes)




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