Melissa and Dan Lisa and Jay Laura and Joe Pam and Greg Michele and Dennis Jenna and Brian Old Wedding Photos Melissa and Matt Tara and Keith Kirk and Sue's Wedding


Georgie's 50th
Breakfast at Vi's
Holiday Get Togethers
New Arrivals
Wisconsin Visit
Jon's Farewell Party

























We've had several weddings over the past few years.  Check out the photos below -  l to r:  Laura and Joe, Lisa and Jay, Melissa and Dan, and Melissa and Matthew, Susan and Kirk and Tara and Louis.  Given the size of our families, I am sure we will have a few more. 

Joe and Laura.jpg (79209 bytes)        Jay and Lisa with flowers.jpg (43915 bytes)        scanned-Dan_and_Mel_at_church_cropped.jpg (30757 bytes)           

 You should be able to click on any of the small pic's above and have it blow up to original size.  Check it out.  


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