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Melissa and Matt  had a beautiful wedding on June 21st.  I was fortunate to be there and took a little over 100 pictures.  That is the good news.  The bad news is that it was the first time I had ever used my new camera.  And worse yet, I had not read the instructions.  Needless to say, some of these pictures are not so great.  On the other hand, a few are very good, and most are viewable.  If you were there, you will enjoy them.  If you weren't, use your imagination.  I basically used all my material as I felt the bride and groom would like to have them all.  Some of you may not agree that I should have used all of them, but again, imagine it was your wedding and that you would like to have all the memories.  I took some pictures just to get a flavor of what was going on, and others are essentially portrait shots.  And finally, I want to apologize for not having captions on all the pics.  I really need more information.  As I get it, I will add the captions.  The web is a great medium in that regard.  If you really, really hate a certain picture, let me know and I will remove it.  Now, just enjoy.   Click on a picture below to "blow it up" and view it full size.  After viewing, just hit your "Back" or "Return" button to get back to this page.  And let me know what you think, or if you have some caption information for me. 

Thanks,  Captain Ken the "Webmeister."


View inside the church

Tara and the bridesmaids

A beautiful wedding

The father of the bride walks her down

Melissa and her Dad

Donnis reads

The Bride and Groom

Tara and Josh

First man out--Kevin

Trish and Larry


Dorothy and Dick


Melissa and Matt

Family shot

Donnis, Mary, Lisa, Jay and Wayne

More Family

Lynn, Kevin and Ken

Kathleen Sammy and Donnis

The Klein's

Tommy and Robyn

The Michaelchuck's

Mary and Wayne

The Kopko's

Lynn and Kevin

Kopko's Klose-Up

The Pinizzotto's

Sam and Donnis

Melissa and her Dad

Mr. Church

Matt and his Mom

The other Klein's

Patrick and Tania

The Church's

Travis and Theresa


Mel, Lisa and Jay

Sam Matt Melissa and Donnis

Larry and Trish

Father and Mother of the Groom

The Smith's

Larry and Trish

Ken and Dorothy


Dick and Kathleen

Do the Electric Slide


Father and Son

Larry and Matt

Wonderful Day!

Melissa and family

Oooops! Where is it?

Ready for the garter

Where is it?

Kathleen Tara and Dorothy

Robyn and Lisa

Ken and Kathleen

The boys light up their cigars

Josh the Robber Baron

Mayor Bloomberg would hate this one

Ooops, how did this one get in?

We took the long way home, via Maryland, to get a chance to pick Chesapeake Blue Claws again. Tough to get in Wisconsin

Melissa and Matt

The new Mr. and Mrs. Smith at the Reception



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