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Another Great Wedding!  One nice thing about big families -- there is always something going on and weddings are one of the most fun events of all!  Check out these pictures and if you were there, think about the good times we had . . .

To enjoy the pic's below, just click on the picture and it will enlarge.  After you are thru viewing it, click on the "Back" button of your browser to return to this page and click on the next thumbnail picture you want to view.

11-3-2001_DeeDee_and_Dennis_12x7.jpg (67165 bytes)    009-Ken_Steve_Wayne.jpg (49961 bytes)    007-Stained_Glass.jpg (70490 bytes)    11-03-2001__Dee_Dee_and_friend.jpg (134993 bytes)    008-Ken_Wayne_Kathleen_and_Mary.jpg (62394 bytes)

11-3-2001_Leah_and_Kathleen_9x8.jpg (103905 bytes)    11-03-2001-_Kathleen_Ken_Donnis_and_Sam.jpg (81354 bytes)    013-Robyn_Dee_and_Wayne.jpg (108019 bytes)    014-Wayne_and_Mary.jpg (106689 bytes)    11-3-2001_Proud_Momma_and_Friends.jpg (137910 bytes)

11-3-2001_Robyn_Louise.jpg (103028 bytes)    11-3-2001_Some_of_the_Family_9x12.jpg (99615 bytes)    11-3-2001_Wedding_day_Kathleen_Dee_and_Donnis_8x10.jpg (99483 bytes)   

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