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Oma in Wisconsin

We always enjoy having family visit us, and Oma is a special treat for us and her grandchildren.  Here are some pictures from her visit in February 2004:

Oma arrives in Milwaukee!

Oma close up


Megan and Or' Oma

Batter Up!

Mother and Daughter

Kathleen and Melissa

Winter Day at Miller Park

The Girls at Miller Park

Inside Miller Park

Kathleen and Mom at Miller Park

Dan Oma Melissa and Kathleen

Ready to eat - Again!

Oma peruses the menu

Oma and Kathleen in the Horse and Plow Bar

Oma at the American Club after a long day


Keep paging down to see some more nice photos -- enjoy

It's always fun when family and friends visit us in Wisconsin.   This year we also had about 250,000 Harley-Davidson riders in town when the family came up.  Everyone got along "famously," as they say back East.  The first day they arrived, we had lunch at Mader's Restaurant in Milwaukee--one of Aunt Marie's favorite spots to dine.


Bikers are in Town!

Usingers Sausage Factory and Store

German bikers at Mader's

Mader's is Harley friendly

Uncle Carl, Aunt Marie and Ken

Aunt Marie

Kathleen and her Mom at Mader's

Ready to Roll


Then we had to visit Joe, Laura and Megan.


Oma and Megan


Serious Megan


Oma and Megan

The family

Aunt Marie, Uncle Carl, Joe, Megan and Laura

Aunt Marie, Uncle Carl, Pop-Pop and Megan

Pop Pop and Megan

Megan and her Oma

I like my Pork Chops thinner

Now that is a Prime Rib!

Down at the lake trying to see the main act


And then we had our Labor Day Picnic.  Great fun with the visitors here.


Want some, Pop Pop?

Napkins? Why?

Tastes like "More!"



I like Ice Cream!

Oma and Megan and Aunt Marie

Megan and Aunt Marie

Peg and Mel


Joe and Mom


Joe Mel and Mom

Say, "Cheese!"

Aunt Marie, Megan and Uncle Carl

Megan and Melissa

Eric and Nora

Weird Megan

Upside down!

Finally, Oma can sit

Of course we had to see the new Art Museum in Milwaukee.  Designed by a fellow named Calatrava, the building is a piece of art all by itself. 



The Visitors get some Culture

The Visitors

Beautiful Museum

The Calatrava -Milw Art Museum

Harley's as Art

The elevator


We took a ride up to the Kohler Design Center and then went to lunch at the Whistling Straits golf club house.  Whistling Straits is a Kohler property and will be the site of the 2004 PGA tournament. 


Kohler Design Center

The Ultimate Shower Stall

Sinks, faucets, etc.

Megan's bathroom

Steve M's Bath

"I want one of these, Russ!"

Chez Ken

The Visitors at Whistling Straits

Whistling Straits-Club House

Club House Dining Room

Eating Again?

The Menu

I'll have another please!

Ummm, Ummmm, Good!

Dessert w Carmelized Bananas

If you look at a map of Wisconsin, you see a large peninsula sticking out into Lake Michigan--that is Door county.  On the left (West) you find the waters of Green Bay and to the right (East) are the waters of Lake Michigan.  It is a beautiful area and we like to visit the small towns up there.  Our favorite Inn is the White Gull Inn in the town of Fish Creek.  Their Cherry Pie a la Mode is worth the 3 hour ride to get there  (Isn't that right Buck?). Lots of tourists head up Door County every summer and fall - and hearty cross country skiers like the area in the winter.  If you travel to the very northern tip of the peninsula, you can board a ferry and take a 30 minute ride to Washington Island.  We did that.


Oma loves her Cherry Pie

Worth the Trip!

Fish Creek, WI

On the ferry to the Island


Heading over to the island


A visit to Wisconsin is not complete without a stop in Madison, our state capitol and home of the University of Wisconsin.  We headed up to see Jon as he begins his senior year.  We had lunch at the Great Dane Brew Pub.



Good Brew!

Oma, Kathleen, Jon, Aunt Marie, Uncle Carl and Ken

The Visitors hit Mad-City

Oma, Jon and Mom

Mom and Jon in Madison

Jon and Mom w State Capitol in back

Dining out every day was fun.  We ended up going down into Milwaukee to try the Waterstreet Brewery fare.  It was good!


Eating again

Only two more days of this!

I love to eat!


Looking out of the windows

Inside the Waterstreet Brewery

Salmon almost gone


Checking out the Kettles

The Group

Aunt Marie and Uncle Carl

The Visitors and Kathleen

Milwaukee-looking south on Water St

Brew City Barb-B-Que

Leaving the Waterstreet Brewery

Back to the car

Heading Home

Stay tuned for a few more days worth of pictures--come back here next week to see them.

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