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One of our favorite places to visit is the Milwaukee County Zoo.  It is great!  And the kids love it.  This week (June 29th) we went with Melissa and Allison and Megan.  Just a wonderful day!


They're just pretend, Pop Pop

Megan likes the dinosaurs

Ahh, that hits the spot!

The dinosaur

Oma Megan Mel and Alley

Melissa Allison Megan and Pop Pop

Megan can touch the Brontosaurus


See my dinosaur stamps?

Oma and Allison

Allison loves the zoo

Melissa Allison and Oma


Megan rides the Pony

Megan rides the Camel

Camel ride

Allison and Melissa

Megan with a scoop of Vanilla

I love ice cream!

Megan rides the Camel

Megan on the Dragon



















Easter 2004

Since we won't be in Wisconsin for Easter holiday, we took a ride over to see Megan today

We took Megan to the Milwaukee Public Museum last week.  Here are a few shots from the museum as well as at our home.  You know the drill, just click on a picture to enlarge it and then hit the "Return" button on you tool bar to get back to this page.

She was a bit afraid of the tortoise shell

Ken and Megan with friend

Kathleen Megan and Melissa

Oma Megan and Aunt Melissa

Megan Katherine

Megan loves Oma

Megan and her Oma

Joe Megan and Oma

Joe and Laura wrap her up like a Burrito and she loves it

I'm ready to go home Pop Pop



Halloween 2003

Megan is "Dorothy" from her favorite movie, "The Wizard of Oz."  And I think she is even better than Judy Garland in the role, don't you? 

I'm going to follow the Yellow Brick Road!

Oh my! It's the wicked witch of the East--oh, wait, it's Aunt Donnis!

Just try to get these ruby slippers off my feet!

The Tin Man needs a heart, and the Lion needs . . . .

"I don't think we're in Kansas anymore Toto!"


"Tuesday's with Megan" are basically the days we spend with our granddaughter.  They started out as Tuesdays, but now are any day of the week.  This week it was a Friday at the Zoo, with Megan.  And what fun it was.  Check out a few of these pictures and you will see:


And then again, sometimes "Tuesdays with Megan" are actually "Thursdays."  That is what happened last week.  Kathleen (Oma) and I (Pop Pop) took her to the Milwaukee Art Museum for the afternoon.  After the museum we drove back along Lake Drive and saw the geese that normally hang out down at the park.  I know Megan loves the geese so we stopped and let her run after them.  It was a bit cool so I put my Mets cap on her little head to keep her warm.  Check her out right here.  More thumbnails follow.

The shots below were taken at the Milwaukee Art Museum on Thursday, 10/2/2003.  Just click on a thumbnail to blow it up to full size.  After viewing click on the return button to get back to this page:



03-03-27_001_Megan_and_Melissa.jpg (77601 bytes)    03-03-27_003_Megan_in_Pop_Pops_van.jpg (107049 bytes)    03-03-27_014_Megan_at_Lunch.jpg (143270 bytes)    03-03-27_034_Megan_w_Straw.jpg (97853 bytes)    03-03-27_036_Megan_w_straw.jpg (118629 bytes)

03-03-27_037_Megan_w_tongue_out.jpg (114988 bytes)    03-03-27_072_Megan_at_the_Calatrava.jpg (139987 bytes)    03-03-27_077_Megan_up_close.jpg (59246 bytes)    03-03-27_077_Megan_w_geese.jpg (116128 bytes)   



a03-03-27_008_Megan_at_Omas_House.jpg (82194 bytes)    a03-03-27_013_Megan_ready_to_eat.jpg (116703 bytes)    a03-03-27_014_Megan_and_her_Cheerios.jpg (100107 bytes)    a03-03-27_015_Megan_eating.jpg (119595 bytes)    a03-03-27_018_Megan_w_straw.jpg (104960 bytes)

a03-03-27_025_Megan_sipping.jpg (117235 bytes)    a03-03-27_032_Megan_up_close.jpg (84868 bytes)    a03-03-27_036_Megan_w_straw.jpg (118760 bytes)    a03-03-27_052_Megan_up_close.jpg (106213 bytes)    a03-03-27_073_Megan_looking_up.jpg (80412 bytes)

a03-03-27_074_Megan_in_Art_Museum.jpg (83407 bytes)    a03-03-27_079_Megan_at_the_Art_Museum.jpg (94771 bytes)    a03-03-27_080_Megan_on_Bean_Bag_Chair.jpg (85720 bytes)    a03-03-27_083.jpg (97652 bytes)    a03-03-27_104_Megan_goes_to_the_Art_Museum.jpg (119089 bytes)

a03-03-27_107_Where_is_his_head_-Sculpture.jpg (74809 bytes)    a03-03-27_110_Megan_at_the_Art_Museum.jpg (110918 bytes)    a03-03-27_112_Megan_at_the_Calatrava.jpg (111343 bytes)    a03-03-27_Joe_and__Laura_007.jpg (123687 bytes)    a03-03-27_Joe_and_Mom_006.jpg (105906 bytes)



    03-03-27_078_Oma_Pop_Pop_and_Megan_at_Calatrava.jpg (124909 bytes)    03-03-27_096_Megan_with_two_pencils.jpg (136718 bytes)    03-03-27_106_Megan_up_close.jpg (49717 bytes)    03-03-27_106_Megan_w_doggie.jpg (96755 bytes)

Oh what fun we have with Megan!  Oma and Pop Pop pick her up and take her for a half day adventure.  Sometimes we go to the Milwaukee Art Museum, like we did this day.


    03-01-15_001_Megan_walking_the_Calatrava.jpg (105259 bytes)    03-01-15_015_Oma_and_Megan-2.jpg (59067 bytes)    03-01-15_005_Megan_and_the_geese_in_shade.jpg (191781 bytes)    03-01-15_011_Megan_close_up_with_tongue_out.jpg (53233 bytes)

03-01-15_003_Megan_walking_in_Art_Museum.jpg (94265 bytes)    02-12-25_030_Joe_Megan_and_Pop_Pop.jpg (137584 bytes)    02-12-25_023_Megan_pushing_duck.jpg (24822 bytes)    03-01-15_014_The_Face.jpg (31470 bytes)    03-01-15_016_Megans_face.jpg (22119 bytes)

03-01-15_015_Oma_and_Megan_w_cap.jpg (99811 bytes)        02-11-21_008_Megan_and_Oma_w_caption.jpg (131778 bytes)    02-11-21_019_Megan_with_sand_wallet_size.jpg (43812 bytes)    02-11-21_026_Melissa_and_Megan_w_caption.jpg (119201 bytes)    03-01-03_010_Megan.jpg (31631 bytes)

03-01-03_018_Megan_on_yellow_bean_bag.jpg (109283 bytes)    03-01-03_029_Megan_w_white_background.jpg (37693 bytes)    03-01-03_029_Megan_wallet_size.jpg (20623 bytes)    





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I'll be posting pic's of Megan here.  Above is Oma and Megan at the Milwaukee Art Museum


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