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We love to sail with the Denis Sullivan - Wisconsin's Flagship.   The S/V Denis Sullivan is a 138 foot three-masted schooner built and funded by Wisconsin residents and businesses.  It is a re-creation of a 19th century Great Lakes schooner, similar to Moonlight commanded by the late Denis Sullivan.  Over time, I will be adding a few shots I have taken over the past couple of years.

c025_Megan_and_the_Dennis_OSullivan.jpg (64271 bytes)    Sailing_-02-07-18_023_Denis_OSullivan_joins_the_Mast_Race.jpg (43831 bytes)   Sullivan_thru_the_bimini.jpg (175345 bytes)    02-08-30_041_The_Dennis_OSullivan_w_sunset.jpg (104438 bytes)    02-08-30_042_Bow_shot.jpg (146586 bytes)    02-08-30_043_A_beams.jpg (176907 bytes)

02-08-30_044_stern_shot.jpg (134156 bytes)    02-08-30_045_more_stern.jpg (151505 bytes)    02-08-30_040_Sunset.jpg (116761 bytes)       

Vessel Information

Length Overall        138'

Length on Deck        98'

Beam                         24'

Number of Sails        10

Sail Area                    5916 sq. ft.

Mast Height                95'

Crew                            10



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