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If you own a boat with a diesel engine on it, you know the meaning of reliability and simplicity.  But like any piece of equipment, a diesel does require some care and maintenance.  What is the best way to learn how do your own maintenance?  I found that taking a hands-on course was an excellent vehicle for learning.  Mack-Boring put on the three day course I attended, with a class size limited to ten amateur mechanics, including yours truly.  The instructor, Larry Berlin was excellent and I would recommend his course to anyone who wants to get started in handling their own routine maintenance.  Here are a few pictures.  We worked on Yanmar marine diesels.  The engine my partner and I worked on was the same model as the one in my sailboat.  Can't do much better than that!  Below you will find a few pic's that I took over the three days of learning.  Just put your cursor over a thumbnail picture and click to enlarge it.  Once done viewing, hit the return, or back button at the top right on your tool bar.  That will bring you back to this page.  Enjoy!

The 3JH2E


Oil Cooler on the 3JH

Oil Cooler


NOT this way!

Larry shows us how it is done

You just did a $1,000 job!

I think it goes here!

Hands on Training

Ken Glenn and Larry

Time to start her up!

The Cylinder Head

Re-Torque 14 Cylinder Head Bolts

Ready to torque

Keeping things organized







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