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Sailing is the kind of sport that engenders close relationships and good friends.  Here is a great story.  One of the guys who has been a good crew for me, just got his own boat.  I have lost a crewmember, but have gained a good competitor.  Best of luck to you Jim and Beth with your new Catalina 31!

Above:  Beth and Jim with their new boat.  Word has it that they bought the actual boat they are standing in front of--a very well equipped Catalina 31.  All the best to them.  I will enjoy viewing their bow from my stern seats when we race--only kidding.

310_Beth_in_cockpit.JPG (383775 bytes)    310_salon_w_Beth.JPG (408655 bytes)    At the left are a couple more shots of the boat and one of the proud owners.

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