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We race every Friday night with MAST (Mid America Sail and Trail club) and of course any time there is at least one other sailboat within sight. 



Red Flag means start the race!

The Mast Racers perform the Committee Boat duties at least once a season.  This can actually be a lot of fun.  Once the race starts, you have some quiet time to relax and socialize.  Most boats bring out a full crew, or more, and break out the wine, cheese and beer and maybe some sandwiches.  One crew donned costumes and really made it interesting.




We did the 2003 Moonlight Triangle race on Friday the 13th--and the moon did not let us down.  It was awesome, even if the wind wasn't.  We raced in 3 to 7 knot winds, and at times it seemed as though there was no air at all.  But it was great just being out there.  Check out the shots I took:












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