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The "Orion" races on Friday nights with the MAST organization.  It's a nice club of Lake Michigan sailors who like to race but are not "cut-throat" about the competition -- okay, okay,  . . . MOST of the time that is true.  Any time you get two sailboats out on the water, you have a race.  I like racing because it hones my sailing skills.   Every Friday night I learn a little more about what makes my boat go.   Unfortunately, it seems the other racers are learning just a bit faster.  But it is still a heck of a lot of fun! 

Check out the July 23rd shots!

Race Night

Looking in the rearview mirror



Tony trims the Jib

Rail Meat

Tony trims the main

Mike provides feedback to the skipper

Mike up close

Look who is behind us!

The definition of Concentration

Doing 5 knots on a dead run

The downwind leg on a beautiful night

Racing at sunset

Crew emulating "A Well Oiled Machine"

End of Day

Crew discusses "Next Move"

Racing Aquila

View from the Wheel

Rounding the Mark

Dennis sets the whisker pole


Sunset over Milwaukee

Sailing Thru the Middle Gap-Dan on left, lighthouse on right

Morning in the Marina-start of a perfect day!



Here are the July 16, 2004 Race Nite Pictures.  We had a great crew, great weather, Miller beer and did not come in last.  A good night by any standard.  Enjoy!

The crew of the Orion

Captain Ken says, "Welcome Aboard!"

Mike the First Mate

Dennis the Second Mate

The Competition Lags behind Orion

Dan and Mark doing their best impression of "Rail Meat"

Captain Ken in the driver's seat


Excellent Night for Sailing

The Competition


Friday night Races

Ann and Dan at Green Bell Buoy One

Ann and Dan

Rounding the Mark

Around the Mark


Approaching the Mark


Dan the Strategist

Captain Ken

Dan at the wheel

Annie and Dan

Annie Dan and Captain Ken

Rail Meat

Dennis and Mark

Beautiful night on Lake Michigan

Sunset over Milwaukee

Dan at the helm of the Orion

Dan loves sailing

Mike about one mile out of Milwaukee

Mike sniffs the cork approvingly

The Middle Gap and lighthouse

Orion sails into the Summerfest Lagoon

Italia Fest was going strong

Mike and Mark as we sail into Summerfest Lagoon

Our Obligatory Pass of the Pieces of Eight Restaurant

Ann and Dan


July 18th -  Friday Night Race Pictures.  The crew, and I, are getting more focused on our racing.  Trimming the sails and developing strategies to go fast supercede taking time out to snap great photos during the race.  As a result, this week's shots were taken before the race and after the race.  I took several of the sunset over Milwaukee and I admit they may get a bit repetitive, but I could not throw any out.  Forgive me.  Enjoy --


July 11th - Friday Night Race pictures. 

I did not have much time to take pictures during this race.  We did have some nice air in the beginning of the race and the crew was focused.  As the night wore on, the wind abated.  I pulled the camera out and as you will see, most of this night's pictures were taken as we approached the committee boat and the finish line, and then as we sailed into Milwaukee's inner harbor.  We welcomed Mike M's daughter, Jess onto the crew for this race.

Jess samples the Chardonnay

Jessica up close


Mike W

Mike M


Orion sails on

I see the Committee Boat!

Jess and Dennis offer strategy suggestions

Mike M and Mike W - Orion's "Dynamic Duo"

Mike M says, "Tighten up on the jib sheet!" As Mike W orders a slackening of the jib sheet.

Sailing down the stretch to the finish line

The MAST Committee Boat is easy to identify

Approaching the Committee Boat and the Finish Line

Being Committee Boat Crew is fun!

Hope they got those times right

The Mast Committee Boat

The Race is Done, Results are In!

A view of the Water Works

Looking north of Milwaukee towards Shorewood

About 3 miles out

Heading for the Middle Gap

The End of a Perfect Day

Now it's "Miller Time!"

Orion heads home

A Friday Night "Fish Fry" Sunset

Nice shot of a Milwaukee sunset

Milwaukee Light at sunset

Sailing thru the Middle Gap after the race

Milwaukee Light House--Middle Gap

Sunset over Milwaukee

The Crew Celebrates a Great Race

Mike M, Mike W, Jess and Dennis caught on the flash card as we sailed thru Milwaukee's Middle Gap.



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