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The photo at the left was just a little inside joke between the committee boat and Orion.   Here's the story:

This race was quite the opposite of last week's race with winds blowing at 18 knots at the start.  The first leg was a great ride but the wind quit on many of us just as we reached the Committee Boat.   With no wind and no headway the Orion drifted towards the bow of the committee boat and another boat on our port side.   Keeping  the MAST racing credo of "Safety First" in mind,  I started the engine and retired from the race.  Thus Orion incurred an automatic DNF (Did Not Finish),  but more importantly,  did not hit either boat. 

Of course nothing is simple in these things.  As I backed off under power,  my bulb-winged keel picked up the Committee boat's anchor rode.  Fortunately,  easing the throttle a bit freed us from the line.

I took over 100 pictures this week and have posted the 69 best.  I can almost guarantee you will see your boat here if you raced on Friday night.  Check them out below, and enjoy!





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