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Tuesday Nite Racing

























Captain Ken says:

"Once the Friday night Racing Series with Mast was over for the season, Captain Jim and I decided that we would continue a weekly competition and do a  "two-boat"  race every Tuesday night.  I have always contended that when two sail boats get out on the water in proximity of each other, going in the same direction, you have a race--whether it is intended or not.  Sailors just can't help trying to figure out how to make their boats go faster than the other boat.  Anyway, we decided to make it official.  We would go out every Tuesday night and race around the Milwaukee Yacht Club buoy, located one mile due east of the North Gap, and then back to the Middle Gap of Milwaukee's Harbor."

Jim also needed crew, so the good crew of the Orion drew straws and Dennis lost.  Only kidding.  Dennis volunteered to crew for Jim's "Lucky Dog" a Catalina 31.  Jim just got his boat this year and she is a beauty!

Here is what it looked like on the past two Tuesday's, 9/23 and 9/30.  The sunsets were awesome and kept changing with every minute, so I took quite a few shots.  Lucky Dog and Orion lunged thru the water, competing for the coveted Tuesday Nite trophy!  Just click on the thumbnail size photos to enlarge them, then hit your "Return" button to get back to this page:


This first set of photos were taken on 9/30/2003.  The shots from 9/23 are below these:

Welcome to the Tuesday Nite Races

Sailing on Lake Michigan

It don't get no better than this!

Drew walks on the Dog

Nice Shot of the "Lucky Dog"

Lake Michigan in the Fall

Aboard the Orion

Drew up close

Tuesday Nite Race

Oh yeah!

Heeled Nicely!

Lucky Dog edges up on Orion

Tony up close


Captain Drew

Lucky Dog charges out of the N Gap

Sunset over Milwaukee


The shots below were taken on Tuesday, 9/23/2003:


Overtaking Lucky Dog

Milwaukee and the N. Gap

Lucky Dog hangs tough

Lucky Dog

Jim and Dennis

Lucky Dog falls back

Looking back at Lucky Dog and the N. Gap

Captain Ken




Orion heads for the gap

Heading for Home

Beating Lucky Dog feels good

Mike at the helm

First Mate Mike

First Mate Jack

Jack takes a break

Sunset was gorgeous so I took a bunch of shots

An Awesome Sunset

Barge coming in from the north

Sunset over Milwaukee

Barge going thru the North Gap

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee at night

And at the left is the last picture for this Tuesday night race.  I think you will enjoy it.  I know I did!

                                                                                                    Captain Ken



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