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The  Sixth Annual Family Reunion  was held on Saturday August 6th, 2005 at the Gibbstown Pool. 

A good time was had by all!

Uncle George provided the entertainment this year, and he was very good!

Below I have posted some of the pictures I took at the Sixth Annual Reunion.  A single click on any of the thumbnail photos on the right side will enlarge it to full size.  When you are done viewing that picture, just click on the "Return" or "Back"  arrow at the top left corner of your screen and you'll be right back here.  Hope you enjoy these.


Jackie and George

Tommy Sr

"I love Family Reunions!" Dorothy exclaimed

"It's five o'clock somewhere," says Dick

"Welcome to our party'" says Donnis


Abigail makes a face

Pam and Anna w Robyn in background

Alexis and Aubrey


Tommy Jr

Tommy Jr

George jammin'

Cutie Pie!

Twins (for real!)

Joanna Mike and Michele


The Twins

Teddy Bear


The Ger

Future NHL Star-Ian

The Prof

Kirk Douglas (for real!)

Brothers-Steve and Kirk

Ian Steve and Kirk

Sam Kirk Steve and Ian

Joanna and Geraldine

New Babies were Everywhere!


George on the Bagpipes

A twin escaped!

Donnis Buck and Anna

Melanie and baby

Melanie and baby

An Idyllic Setting

Church/Smith Table

Faulkner Table

Zach and Kaylee

Wayne and Nicky

Wayne and Kenny

Mary and Wayne

Wayne and Kenny

Nicky and Sammy

Kathleen and Marie Shute-Allen

How you like me now, ma?!

War and Peace

Mike and Kathleen

Sherry Mike and Mike, Jr.

Group Shot

I love the Family Reunion!

Joanna Oma and Pete

The Twins

Teddy Melanie Baby

Donnis Sam Dorothy and Benjamin

Dick Greg Pam Sam and Dorothy


Family Ties

Lots of newbies this year

Sisters and Brothers

New additions keep on coming!

Mary and Laurie

Dan likes the reunion

Candid Table shot

Matt and Josh

Former Marines

Skin Art?

Even more tattoos

Check 'em out ladies!

I got one too!

All tattoos, all the time!

Michele Steve and Dan

These boys can pack it away!


Mike and Carl, or Carl and Mike?

Matt loves those Wisconsin Brats!

Uncle Carl

After the Egg Toss is Over


"That's the last time I try to make that lay-up!" says Oma.

Aunt Marie

Buck and James

Father and Son

Vi loves the family reunion and that vodka helps!




Donnis Lorraine

A Reunion Crasher!

The Girls

Jordan Ger and Kathleen w Vi sitting


Josh and Larry Wayne

Father and Son

Now it's Miller Time

Father and Son

Dick Camden and Travis

Ken and Buck

Sue and Kirk

Sue and Kirk-Up Close

Family Shot

Loving family! They go to family reunions to get dates?

Watch out Carl!

Oma and some of her family

Nick P

Tommy loves the Egg Toss

Tommy almost caught one

Eggs can be messy

Cleaning up Tommy

The Great Egg Toss

Lizzy keeps her eyes on the egg

Wayne catches an egg

Nicky P catching an egg

Egg Toss Spectators

Uncle Mike and Lizzy after losing the Egg Toss

Shot from the woods

Picnic Grounds

Donnis Lorraine, Allison Louise, Melissa Marie

Donnis, Allison and Melissa

Donnis said, "Boo!"


Kirk and Jimmy

Alley pointing at the camer man

Wayne asks, "You feelin' froggy?"

Alley Mel and Wayne

Alley Melissa and Dan


Sue and Laurie ask, "How did we get in this nutty family, anyway?"

Sue and Laurie up close

Melissa and Melanie and babies

Alley has a "way-way"


Wayne, Jimmy Ted

Kirk and Robyn

Kirk and Robyn

Nick and Mary

Dorothy and Donnis

Donnis and Sam

Dorothy Ann, Kathleen and Donnis











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