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Family Reunion 2004


      Smiley says, 

       "Okay, all you Family Reunion'ers, check out all the pictures below." 






Nice Group Shot

What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon

Theresa and Benjamin

Ted and Debbie

The Twins

Bobby and Harry

Water Color portrait-Kevin and Lynn

Kevin and Lynn


Jimmy's Crab Cakes

Violet and Kathleen

Brats Onions Butter and Beer!

Dan and Jon and Laurie and Liz

Buck and Alley

Brats on the grill

Lizzy and Jordan

James and Kathleen

Buck loves to eat!


Steve's got my number

Abigail and Karli

George and Kirk

George Terri and Kirk

George and Terri

Melissa with Alley in stroller

Patrick and Travis

Allison Melissa and Bill

Bobby Ken and Willard

Bill and Kathleen

Kathleen the photog

Nice shot

The Picnic grounds

Geraldine and Lisa

Tommy Jesse


Jesse and

Tommy Jesse Alexis

Lisa Kathleen and Allison

Smiley was great!

Smiley the Clown

Kevin - a.k.a. Smiley




Branden and Alexis


Robyn and Tommy



This is the only reason we come to this thing!

The catchers are ready


Easy, easy!

We love the Egg Toss

Egg Toss Line

The egg toss begins



Carli Steve Pam and Kevin

Jimmy Franklin and George

Megan Camden and Kelli

Kelli Camden and Megan

Kelli Camden and Megan

Camden and Megan

Kelli Camden and Megan

Larry and Matt

Tom and Derek

Ryan Kirk and Jordan

Jimmy Derek and Belinda

Kirk, Jimmy and the kids

Watercolor of Kevin and Lynn

Kevin and Lynn

Kevin and Lynn

Jimmy Derek Belinda and Laurie

Jimmy Laurie Derek and Belinda

Jimmy Laurie and family

Ted and Debbie

The Twins

Bobby and Harry


If you like to eat, you will like our Family Reunion.  From Dick's famous ribs and my Wisconsin Brats to Jimmy's catered crab cakes and shrimp -you can't go wrong!    




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