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The 2003 Family Reunion was held at the Gibbstown Pool on Saturday, August 2, 2003.  Though we had fewer folks here this year, everyone who was there talked about how much fun it was.  As usual, I took a lot of pictures and I have posted almost everyone of them below.  I think you will enjoy them.  I even posted a few that are pretty generic, but I think they capture a bit of what it is like in the picnic grove.   As hot as it was this day, the shade and breeze under those trees made for a comfortable, delightful reunion.

Here are a few "thumbnails" to bring back some memories of past Reunions.  Just click on one to make it full size and then use the "Back" button to return to this page. 


5-Donnis and the Kids close-up.jpg (128793 bytes)    5-Brian and Jenna.JPG (155330 bytes)            5-Jimmy and Melanie 8-5-2000.jpg (196149 bytes)        73-Ken_Kirk_w_Caption_12x8.jpg (139454 bytes)  46-Travis_Camden_and_Stevie.jpg (64443 bytes)  38-Violet_Mike_Sherry_and_Kathleen.jpg (106067 bytes)

26-Kirk_Kevin_and_Jimmy_w_Caption_12x8.jpg (142678 bytes)    11-Jesse_and_Kimberly_w_caption_12x9.jpg (137103 bytes)    06-Dot_and_Thelma_w_caption_12x9.jpg (210264 bytes)    02-Kirk_Robyn_and_Jimmy_w_caption_12x8.jpg (138192 bytes)    01-Josh_Matt_and_Uncle_Larry_w_Caption_12x9.jpg (156323 bytes)    04-Bobby_and_Johnny_Campbell_w_caption_12x8.jpg (142210 bytes)  

07-Josh_Matt_and_Dick.jpg (246082 bytes)     09-Robyn_and_Melanie.jpg (102379 bytes)    10-Ryan_Jordan_and_Derek.jpg (68532 bytes)    12-Kids.jpg (97673 bytes)    16-Mike_and_Ashley_w_Caption_12x8.jpg (107530 bytes)    17-Mike_F_Family_w_Caption_12x9.jpg (169637 bytes)   

21-Thelma_and_Davy_w_Caption_12x9.jpg (156713 bytes)    29-Dot_Thelma_and_Wayne_w_Caption_12x8.jpg (161993 bytes)    33-Group_shot_Smith_Rink_w_caption_12x9.jpg (172421 bytes)    54-Tommy_better_cook.jpg (103711 bytes)   

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