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Family Reunion 2001

The 2001 Family Union was another good one.  As you view these photos, you will see some family members who are no longer with us.  This page is dedicated to their memory.

Kirk Robyn and Jimmy

Kathleen and Carol

Dorothy and mom Thelma

Mother and Daughter

Josh Matt and Dick

Robyn and Melanie

Ryan Jordan and Derek

The 2001 Kids

Bobby John and Wayne

Oma at the head of the table


Steve at the table

Leah and grandson

Laurie does the honors

Doris Trish and Harry

Father and Son

Kathleen hates to cook!

Russ and Uncle Carl

Steve and Aunt Marie

Violet Mike Sherry and Kathleen

Eggs in the Air!

The Annual Egg Toss

Line them up--it's time for the Egg Toss

Egg Toss line

Russ Jenna and Kathleen

Father and Son

Steve and Melanie

Travis Camden and Steve

Retired at Last!


Kirk and Buck

Tom gets serious

Tom the best Grill Man of 2001!

Mary Travis and Theresa

Tommy's best side

Brother Kevin


Jenna and Russ


Steve Jordan Liz Steve and Michele

Little Stevie

Derek Ryan Jordan and Steve

Great day for a Reunion!

Kirk and Russ

Dorothy and Lisa


Jimmy and Kirk

Larry and Ken with Cubans

Kirk and The Monk

Ken Kirk and Ryan







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