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Tamale, highlighted on the map at the left,  was a focal point for our travel in the northern region of Ghana.  It was the crossroad we hit as we traveled north from Kumasi.  From Tamale we would strike out for Mole National Park.  After Mole we would return to Tamale to head north to Bolgatanga and then on to Bawku, our final destination.  We stayed at the "Relax Hotel" in Tamale.  An interesting place.  The Peace Corps maintains a Sub Office in Tamale and the Relax Hotel is a short walk from it. 

Above is a shot of Jon and Kathleen in front of the sub office.  The Peace Corps also has a sub office in Kumasi and these provide a nice stopping place for Peace Corps volunteers as they travel in Ghana.  There are bunks and a kitchen in each sub office and for a dollar a night, the volunteers can stay there.  Below is one of the major streets that cut thru the center of town.  As you can see the mosque dominates the skyline here.


Downtown Tamale

The butcher at the Tamale market

Your basic corner market store

Jon eating in Tamale

Jon had lunch in Tamale at the market. This was a neat place.

Jon at the Crest in Tamale

At the Crest Restaurant in Tamale

Kathleen and Ken in Ghana

My favorite beer in Ghana

At the Crest Restaurant

Jon texting - that is THE preferred tool for commo in Ghana because it is inexpensive and fast

Star is a great beer! I set up the fly for this shot

The court behind the Crest

The Market in Tamale

The Mosque

Typical cart

Commerce in Tamale

The Main drag in Tamale--the market is at the top left


Jon - Peace Corps Volunteer - Ghana

Jon on the deck of the Crest Restaurant

Street shot in Tamale


Downtown Tamale

Looking up the street from the Crest Restaurant deck

Another street shot - check out the details

I took this shot from the deck of the Crest Restaurant

Jon and Kathleen in Tamale

Jon and his mom in front of the Tamale Sub Office

Jon cooks us breakfast in the Tamale Peace Corps Sub Office

The women carried and sold everything on their heads

The Market

Woman carrying child on back, and bag on head - The women were amazing in Ghana!


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