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This year's race included 178 sailboats.  We took off from Milwaukee at 6:35pm (that's 1835 hours for you nautical types), about a mile off the South Gap headed on a course of 89 degrees towards Grand Haven Michigan.  We crossed the finish line just south of the entrance to Grand Haven the following morning at 8:30am.  The folks in Grand Haven were gracious hosts and eager to make our stay a pleasant one.  On Sunday morning we set sail at about 5am, and headed back to our home port at McKinley Marina in Milwaukee.  Here are a few pictures I took over the weekend:


Captain Ken at the finish

Dennis crosses the finish line

Jon crossing the finish line-note Committee Boat in background

Dennis Ken and Jon in Grand Haven

Dennis at the start of the race

Sunrise over Michigan as we approach the finish line

The Crew-Jon, Dennis, Chris and Captn Ken

On the wall in Grand Haven


Returning from Grand Haven provided an opportunity to take some nice shots of "Good Fortune," a Hunter 40.5 which sailed back with us.  The sunrise provided some nice lighting:





And then a few more shots taken during the weekend for your pleasure and enjoyment:


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