Queen's Cup 2003
Friday Night Racing
Tuesday Nite Racing
























One hundred and fifty-six sailboats finished the Queen's Cup with us this year.  We raced across Lake Michigan from Milwaukee to Muskegon and it was a blast.  I have never seen that many sailboats going in the same direction spread out across the lake.  

The starting line was anchored by the three master,  Denis Sullivan.  A major thunder storm roared thru just before the race began and made for some exciting sailing.  Nothing like maneuvering among another 150 plus sailboats vying for a shot at the same 200 yard wide starting line.  Our reward for persevering the lightning and heavy rain was a most brilliant rainbow.  It looked like it was painted in the sky over the lake.  Check out my pictures of it and the rest of the weekend below.  Just click on a thumbnail to enlarge it, then use your "Return" button to get back to this page. 












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