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Jon joined the Peace Corps and was assigned to Ghana, Africa.  He starts his assignment on June 8, 2005.  We had a going away party at his brother's house on Saturday June 4th and it was a blast.  After a heavy thunderstorm at the beginning of the party, the skies cleared and the sun came out to make it a beautiful day.  Here are a few pictures from that party:

At the left is a thumbnail shot of Jon and his proud mother.  The tee shirt was made by good friend Eric and is a bit of a family joke.  When Jon was about 8 years old he had a tee shirt with a rubber eye ball on it, and the caption that read "Looking Good."  He almost never took it off!



Here's Jon's brother, Joe, who hosted the party.  Laura and Joe's lovely home was the perfect spot for this one.  Up on a hill, out in the country, we had plenty of room for the folks who came out to celebrate with us.


This group shot includes many of Jon's friends from UW Madison and a couple from high school.  A fun bunch of guys!



Wes says, "I'll drink to you Jon!"

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