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Georgie turned 50 this year and Terri had a surprise party for him.  He was definitely surprised as over 60 of his friends and family joined him in Cherry Hill, NJ to celebrate.  Here are a few shots that I took at the party.  I hope you enjoy them as much as enjoyed taking them.

03-04-14_042_The_Cake.jpg (140241 bytes)

03-04-14_060_Tara_and_Adrienne.jpg (81938 bytes)

03-04-14_049_Brothers.jpg (179179 bytes)

03-04-14_053_Kirk_Robyn_Jimmy_and_Laurie.jpg (164030 bytes)

Click on the thumbnails above to see them in all their glory in full size.  After viewing use the "Return" Button to get back to this page and the next picture. 


a03-04-14_044_Party_time_at_Coastline.jpg (156880 bytes)    03-04-14_050_Kirk_Robyn_and_Jimmy.jpg (156563 bytes)    a03-04-14_043.jpg (146260 bytes)    a03-04-14_046_Kiss.jpg (179336 bytes)    a03-04-14_045_Table_Shot.jpg (185967 bytes)

a03-04-14_047_Robyn_and_Tommy_at_table.jpg (173922 bytes)    a03-04-14_048_Sam_Steve_and_Joy.jpg (163840 bytes)    a03-04-14_051_Kathleen_and_Kenny.jpg (154741 bytes)    a03-04-14_058.jpg (118696 bytes)    b03-04-14_052_Charlotte_and_Nettie.jpg (148252 bytes)

b03-04-14_054_Tommy_and_Robyn_untouched.jpg (118124 bytes)    b03-04-14_054_Tommy_and_Robyn.jpg (109898 bytes)    b03-04-14_055_Kirk_Douglas.jpg (79982 bytes)    b03-04-14_056_Long_shot.jpg (182786 bytes)    b03-04-14_059_Tommy_K.jpg (94260 bytes)

b03-04-14_057_Room_Shot.jpg (129941 bytes)    b03-04-14_061_Leah.jpg (84568 bytes)    b03-04-14_062_Kathleen_Kenny_and_Donnis_cropped.jpg (94263 bytes)    b03-04-14_063_Steve_and_Donnis.jpg (127950 bytes)    b03-04-14_064_Steve_Sam_Donnis.jpg (183444 bytes)

b03-04-14_065_Sam_and_Donnis.jpg (115926 bytes)    c03-04-14_066_Steve.jpg (38884 bytes)    c03-04-14_066.jpg_Steve_and_Joy.jpg (113454 bytes)    c03-04-14_067_Dee_and_Leah.jpg (97350 bytes)    c03-04-14_068_Dee_Leah_and_Kathleen.jpg (135051 bytes)

c03-04-14_070_Talking.jpg (188931 bytes)    c03-04-14_071_Terri_and_Leah.jpg (126472 bytes)    c03-04-14_072_Party_Girls.jpg (170648 bytes)    c03-04-14_073.jpg (169038 bytes)    c03-04-14_074_Ken_Steve_and_K_cropped.jpg (147250 bytes)

c03-04-14_074_Ken_Steve_and_Kathleen.jpg (213441 bytes)    c03-04-14_075_Terri_and_George.jpg (107784 bytes)    c03-04-14_076_Terri_and_George_no_caption.jpg (109916 bytes)    c03-04-14_077_Steve_and_George.jpg (120258 bytes)

c03-04-14_078_The_End.jpg (106515 bytes)           


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