Georgie's 50th
Breakfast at Vi's
Holiday Get Togethers
New Arrivals
Wisconsin Visit
Jon's Farewell Party
























Who is the Hostess with the Mostess in our family?  It must be Violet, for she is never too tired or too busy to host all of us.  Thanks Violet!

03-04-14_006_Vis_Breakfast_Bloody_Mary.jpg (232352 bytes)    03-04-14_008_Martha_and_Marie_at_Vis.jpg (169572 bytes)    03-04-14_010_Vi_and_Kathleen.jpg (115985 bytes)    03-04-14_012_Ger_and_Buck.jpg (110938 bytes)

03-04-14_013_Buck_Jordan_and_Oma.jpg (146598 bytes)    03-04-14_016_Steve.jpg (92618 bytes)    03-04-14_020_Buck_and_James.jpg (152419 bytes)    03-04-14_025_Ger_Buck_Mom_and_Kathleen.jpg (93702 bytes)

03-04-14_028_The_Kids.jpg (95530 bytes)    03-04-14_030_Liz_and_Jordan.jpg (131491 bytes)    03-04-14_036_Oma_Kathleen_Ger_Marie_and_Vi.jpg (167394 bytes)    03-04-14_019_Eats.jpg (192772 bytes)

03-04-14_023_Ger.jpg (121135 bytes)    03-04-14_018_Full_Table.jpg (194762 bytes)    03-04-14_021_Kathleen.jpg (116349 bytes)   

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