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St Louis, Missouri was our first stop this year.  The Gateway to the West was worthy of more than the two days we gave it, but we had to move on.  Below are a few more shots of this amazing structure.  

03-01-28_019_Gateway_arch_with_caption.jpg (108138 bytes)    03-01-28_024_Kathleen_at_top_of_arch_w_caption.jpg (148259 bytes)    03-01-28_008_View_from_top_of_arch.jpg (142243 bytes)    03-01-28_023_Ken_at_the_top.jpg (146944 bytes)    03-01-28_020_View_from_the_top_of_the_arch.jpg (179331 bytes)

03-01-28_001_Bloody_Mary_at_Landrys.jpg (218997 bytes)   

After we left St Louis, we headed south thru Missouri and Oklahoma towards Texas. 

03-01-28_003_Kathleen_and_the_nut_bowls.jpg (98920 bytes)   




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