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Uncle Carl turned 90 in August 2003.  What a milestone!  I was fortunate enough to have been there and captured some these images of the celebration.   They are included below  for you to enjoy.  Just click on a picture to blow it up to full size.  Once you are done viewing it, click on the "Back" or "Return" button at the top of your browser page to return to this page.  I apologize for not knowing all the names of all the wonderful people who shared in this celebration, but I think the pictures speak for themselves anyway.

One of the folks recited a German poem that was perfect for this occasion.  Here is the English translation:

"Such a day as wonderful as today should never end

A day that we have been happily waiting for

But who knows when we meet again.

Oh so fast the hours passing by,  like clouds in the sky

A day as wonderful as today should never end."

                            Happy 90th Birthday Uncle Carl!



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