Our first stop in Germany was Schney, the birthplace of Martha and Marie.  Of course it is also where Uncle Benny was born as well.  I focus on these three because our story begins in 1934 when the three of them actually left their homeland to come to the United States.

Aunt Marie had her confirmation in May of 1934 and within days, she and her sister Martha and her brother Benny headed to the port of Bremerhaven in northern Germany to board the ship that would sail them across the Atlantic.

The picture at the left was taken up on the hill behind Schney, in the forest where they once gathered wood for the home fire.  We visited it and walked around listening to them reminisce. 

Of course one of the main reasons we were in Germany was to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Aunt Marie's Confirmation in the small church in Schney--Kirche St. Maria in der Schney.  The ceremony we were attending was billed as:

      "Festgottesdienst anlasslich der JubelKonfirmation in Schney "

The church is beautiful and I have some nice exterior as well as interior  shots of it in the collection of photos below. 

There are a lot of pictures here, but I thought I would keep them all in the collection as some of you may recognize places, people or things that I might otherwise leave out.  To see the full size picture, just put your cursor on any of the small thumbnail pictures below and click.  The picture will blow up to full size.  To return to this page after viewing a picture, just use the return button at the top left of your screen.





The Baron's Schloss

Jon on the wall of the cemetary

The Kirche St. Maria in der Schney

Oma in the Schney cemetary

Uncle Carl in the Schney cemetary

The Nagler house in Schney

Jon Carl Marie Kathleen Martha and Friedl

Marie Friedl and Martha at Friedl's home

Uncle Carl

Jon relaxes at the Mainlust Hotel

Aunt Marie

No one went hungry on this trip!

We ate well!

Ken and Kathleen

Kathleen Jon and Ken

Getting organized for the service and celebration

Kirche St. Maria in der Schney

Inside Kirche St. Maria in der Schney

Aunt Marie and Friedl

Martha and Kathleen-Mother and Daughter

Jon Kathleen Martha Carl and Marie

Carl and Marie Toman

Aunt Marie and old friends

Waiting for the church service to begin


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