I will tempt you with a few dishes here.  This should whet your appetite to try a recipe or two

Above:  Scallops and Escalade and directly below are some delectable Maryland Crab Cakes

02-02-15-003Crab_cakes_in_Annapolis.jpg (167153 bytes)    02-02-15-_Crab_in_skillet_-Annapolis_004.jpg (155379 bytes)    

02-12-25_050_Filet_Mignon_and_red_wine.jpg (61937 bytes)    Frisco-3_June_2002_075.jpg (246057 bytes)    Frisco-3_June_2002_076.jpg (219943 bytes)    Frisco-3_June_2002_077.jpg (253078 bytes)    

02-06-11_056_brat.jpg (170597 bytes)    02-08-30_049_boiling_brats.jpg (174509 bytes)        

Click on the thumbnail for a full size shot of some nice steaks ready for the grill and great red wine ready for Captain Ken




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