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In 2002 we traveled about 5,000 miles on our First Annual Road Trip.  We headed south from Milwaukee down to New Orleans before turning East.  On the way to the Big Easy we stopped at Graceland to see Elvis.  After that we hit Vicksburg to catch up with some very old friends.  We spent three days in New Orleans then headed for the Miami Boat Show.  On the way to Miami we stopped off in Albany GA to see some more old friends.  The Miami Boat show was great.  At left is a shot of Captain Ken with a Bloody Mary at the show.  From there we headed down to Key West.  For now, that is it.  I will post pic's from that part of the trip.  More to come.  Stay tuned for our travels north to NYC and then back to Wisconsin.





2002-image_map.gif (47569 bytes)Here is a map of the route we took in 2002.  It was a great trip!  Click on the picture to get a full size map.  This trip had a few "must" stops, including the Miami Boat Show and the NYC  Broadway Show, "The Producers."



02-02-15-02_001-Kathleen_at_Graceland.jpg (230922 bytes)    02-02-15-_009-John_and_Betty_and_Kathleen_at_Char.jpg (153139 bytes)    02-02-15-_013-John_and_Ken.jpg (103220 bytes)    02-02-15-_038_New_Orleans.jpg (112527 bytes)    02-02-15-_021_New_Orleans_cemetary.jpg (127913 bytes)

02-02-15-_028_New_Orleans.jpg (174363 bytes)    02-02-15-_082_The_Everglades.jpg (172033 bytes)    02-02-15-_097_Miami_Boat_Show.jpg (180130 bytes)    02-02-15-_108_Key_west.jpg (235030 bytes)    02-02-15-__074_Army_buddies.jpg (175583 bytes)

02-02-15-Original_Key_West_103.jpg (197089 bytes)       02-02-15-112-Kathleen_with_Captn_Tony_in_Key_West.jpg (88976 bytes)    02-02-15-Original_Key_West_119.jpg (132333 bytes)    02-02-15-Original_Key_West_109.jpg (176919 bytes)    a-02-02-15-Original_Road_Trip_031.jpg (100894 bytes)

a-02-02-15-Original_Road_Trip_037.jpg (161614 bytes)    a-02-02-15-Original_Road_Trip_052.jpg (81307 bytes)    a-02-02-15-Original_Road_Trip_054-Kathleen_at_Annapolis.jpg (143591 bytes)    b-02-02-15-_Kathleen_and_Jefferson_Mem-_Wash_083.jpg (110194 bytes)    b-02-02-15-_Vietnam_Memorial_-_Wash_019.jpg (254559 bytes)

b-02-02-15-_Wash_Arlington_092.jpg (102960 bytes)    b-02-02-15-_Wash_Jefferson_Mem_looking_at_Wash_Memo_087.jpg (70845 bytes)    b-02-02-15-_Wash_Korean_War_Mem_066.jpg (97637 bytes)    b-02-02-15-_Wash_Korean_War_Mem_069.jpg (126451 bytes)    b-02-02-15-_Wash_Lincoln_Mem_072.jpg (62555 bytes)

b-02-02-15-_Wash_mOnument_and_Ken_014.jpg (105392 bytes)    b-02-02-15-_Wash_Viet_Nam_Wall_020.jpg (153048 bytes)    b-02-02-15-_Wash_Viet_Nam_Wall_024.jpg (99141 bytes)    b-02-02-15-_Wash_View_of_White_House_037.jpg (208995 bytes)    c-02-02-15-__Wash_Mall_030.jpg (210233 bytes)

c-02-02-15-_Ken_at_top_of_Wash_Mon_059.jpg (129060 bytes)    c-02-02-15-_Ken_in_Hotel_-_Wash_028.jpg (88096 bytes)    c-02-02-15-_Shot_from_above_Wash_031.jpg (197603 bytes)    c-02-02-15-_Wash_Arlington_Cemetary_088.jpg (244248 bytes)    c-02-02-15-_Wash_First_Div_Monument_011.jpg (91867 bytes)

c-02-02-15-_Wash_Jefferson_Mem_081.jpg (151684 bytes)    c-02-02-15-_Wash_Kathleen_in_Union_Station_005.jpg (147598 bytes)    c-02-02-15-_Wash_Kennedy_Memorial_091.jpg (223584 bytes)    c-02-02-15-_Wash_Korean_Wall_068.jpg (172608 bytes)    c-02-02-15-_Wash_Lincoln_085.jpg (91057 bytes)

c-02-02-15-_Wash_Monument_013.jpg (61450 bytes)    c-02-02-15-_Wash_Roosevelt_Mem_079.jpg (211490 bytes)    c-02-02-15-_White_House_009.jpg (196310 bytes)                    





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