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Jon graduated from the University of Wisconsin in Madison with a Bachelor of Science degree in Astrophysics!  Here are a few shots taken on that wonderful day!


At the left you see Jon just outside the Kohl Field House after graduation.  We won't talk about the party that lasted until 4am at his apartment and the 9:20am frenzy outside his locked apartment on graduation day trying to wake him for his 10am graduation.  No, that is not important.  What is important is that he was there for the ceremony and as you can see, he did get his diploma.  That my friend is what is important!


The ceremony was rather impressive and they had a great speaker.  One of the actors from the West Wing who happens to be a native of Madison.  Since I never watch the show, I could not tell you anything about the fellow, but his speech was good.  Not long, with lots of humor and several good lessons. 

Of course this fellow could not help mentioning that the real President Bush had spoken at Concordia College in Wisconsin the day before (as a footnote, Concordia is about 4 miles from our home).  He went on to say that some might wonder why UW got the actor and Concordia got the President.  I exclaimed it was no big surprise as the liberal folks in Madison all believe that the West Wing is "real."  Ha, ha, ha.  I am so clever at times.



We are all very proud of Jon and his accomplishments.  His siblings, Joe and Melissa were on hand to celebrate this day.  In fact, Joe, a UW alum and his buddies from UW were also on hand the night before to celebrate with Jon.  And celebrate they did!  Joe has promised me a few pictures to insert here, but as yet he has not sent them.


I especially like the shots of the brothers and sisters and the family.  What else is there in this world that is so real, so warm, so comforting  and so unconditional as a family's love and support of each other?


After the ceremony, the entire field house poured out onto the grassy grounds and families huddled in posed positions for pictures.  After that we sauntered over to Jon's apartment on State Street to have a brew and wait for the traffic to subside. 


Jon is heading into the Peace Corps. 







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