Here are a few of the 200 pictures or so that I took while out on the West Coast for Chief's Surprise Retirement Party!  Everyone had a great time, especially Chief who commented that it was nice knowing he did not have to go to work the next day.  I was the only other one in the room who did not "groan" at that comment.  Check out the thumbnails under the big picture.  Yes life is good!

Frisco-1_011_Terry_and_Dave.jpg (136598 bytes)    Frisco-1_036_DT_and_friends_5-31-2002.jpg (148379 bytes)    Frisco-1_037_Elise_Carol_and_Bruce_5-31-2002.jpg (161015 bytes)    Frisco-1_043_Dave_and_buddy.jpg (97374 bytes)    Frisco-1_063_The_Air_Products_A-Team.jpg (114287 bytes)

Frisco-1_071_The_A-Team.jpg (115805 bytes)    a-Frisco-1_074_Chief_and_his_Mad_Dog_20-20.jpg (85345 bytes)    a-Frisco-1_107_Up_close.jpg (105126 bytes)    a-Frisco-1_108_Close_Up.jpg (83713 bytes)    a-Frisco-1_111_Close_up.jpg (95443 bytes)

a-Frisco-2_May_2002_208.jpg (125648 bytes)    b-Frisco-1_002_Daves_Birthdate_slide.jpg (131742 bytes)    b-Frisco-1_003_Mike_and_his_slide_show.jpg (159064 bytes)    b-Frisco-1_005_Sisters_Elise_and_Carol.jpg (81759 bytes)    b-Frisco-1_004_The_Audience_Loves_It.jpg (129077 bytes)

b-Frisco-1_006-Paul_and_friends.jpg (91289 bytes)    b-Frisco-1_010_The_Man.jpg (77057 bytes)    b-Frisco-1_013-More_Slides.jpg (141950 bytes)    b-Frisco-1_017_Pocket_Pool_Anyone.jpg (86760 bytes)    b-Frisco-1_018_Daves_image_on_truck.jpg (93812 bytes)


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