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I have pretty much nailed the plans for the 2004 season.  Crew assignments for the August trip are filled already.  With the "college boys" graduating this year and heading out into the real world, the crew will be made up of older guys, five who are retired!  

My 2004 Schedule (as far as I know it right now--subject to change so keep coming back):

May 1st - McKinley Marina officially opens

May 8th - Saturday- Sail the Orion from Racine to Milwaukee to commence the 2004 season!

June -- Friday night MAST races begin.  We race EVERY  Friday night that I am in town.  We will leave the dock at 5:30pm.  Race starts at 6:30pm.  This series goes right thru to Labor Day.

June 25th - Queen's Cup Race - Across the lake from the South Shore Yacht Club

July 3rd  -- First Wisconsin Fireworks night

July 10th - July 25th  Kathleen and I will be sailing to Door County

August 19th thru the 29th -- Annual Across the Lake Adventure with Chief, Bill, Mark, Mike, Jack.

October 23th - Final Sail of 2003 to Racine - Boat hauled out for the winter

02-08-09_011_Making_for_the_North_Gap.jpg (143338 bytes) At the left is a shot of the Orion heading in to the North Gap of the Milwaukee Harbor.  It gives you a feel for what it looks like sailing into harbor from out on Lake Michigan.  This shot was taken around sunset in the summer of 2002.  Click on the picture to increase it to full size.  After viewing just click on the Back button to return to this page.

Keel_with_prop_shot.jpg (236336 bytes)Ever wonder what the underside of a sailboat like the Orion looks like?  Wonder no more as this picture is a pretty good shot of the underside of the boat while she was up on her cradle in Racine, WI this past winter.  Note the bulb wing keel which allows for about a foot more leeway in shallow water.  I run a two bladed prop which was standard issue for the Hunter 376 when I bought her in 1997.

02-07-09_002_crew_on_bow_at_dock.jpg (177650 bytes)We love sailing with friends, so if you get to Milwaukee, give us a call and we will go sailing.  Nothing like sailing on the Great Lakes.  They are like an inland ocean and always fun to be on -- well, most of the time they are fun to be on.



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