Kevin was the ninth child in our family of twelve children.  The oldest boy, I  was 13 years old when he was born.  Kevin was unique in many ways.  He will be missed.

 Here are some of the pictures I have of Kevin over the years.  Just click on a thumbnail to enlarge it.  After viewing, click on the return or Back button to get back to this page and the other pictures.  You should be able to download any of these photos to your own computer.  Just right click on a photo and use the Save As option.  Hope you enjoy them. 

And while you are here check out the short stories Kevin wrote about growing up in our crazy family.  They are listed on the left, beginning with Animal House.  If you read one, you may be here a while as they are humorous, well written and addictive.   He was pounding these out at a rate of one a week.  I am so grateful we have them.















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